Saturday, May 26, 2012

D&D Next

I signed up for the playtest a while back and downloaded the docs today.  So far I have skimmed some of the play rules, looked at a couple of the pre-gen characters and spent some time looking through the bestiary.

Very brief first impressions:  I like what I have seen so far a lot.  "Old School" is a hard thing to put in a bottle but this feels a helluva lot closer to old school than 4e or even 3e ever did.  If you doubt me just look at the bestiary for a while.  I am pretty sure you could use the monsters as written with AD&D characters (or Labyrinth Lord) for that matter and have no problems.  Of course the AC is ascending, but that is a cosmetic matter in my opinion.  The monster abilities are very evocative and I got some good adventure ideas just reading through the bestiary.  I cannot tell you how glad I was to see a "save or turn instantly and permanently into stone" after DMing 4e for a few years.  I also like a lot about the character sheet.  That cleric looks fun to play.

Even after less than an hour with the playtest I have an itch to both play and DM this thing.

I will definitely be spending some more time with this soon, perhaps a more thorough review will follow.

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