Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cave Maps

I usually just steal maps from other sources and repurpose them when I am doing DM prepwork.  I do enjoy drawing  my own maps but it is relatively time consuming and I honestly don't have enough time as it is to prepare for my biweekly session, and what time I do have I don't want to spend mapping.   I found some nice cave maps today on the interwebs.  One is an awesome hand drawn map of the Colossal Cave Adventure (Adventure), a text-based cave exploration game that was one of the first computer games I ever played, on a Kaypro computer no less :)  This map brought back some memories of my own attempts to map out the collosal cave.  I never did finish the adventure myself, but I used my incomplete maps when I was a teenage DM.  This is a great map for RPG purposes because it has a name for every room and often some images associated with it, so you could pretty much wing an adventure with this map.  The second map is a two part map of Mercer Caverns in California.  It shows an overhead view of the cavern and a side view, and it is a great reminder of how caverns are three dimensional spaces.

Colossal Cave Adventure Map

Mercer Caverns Map

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