Thursday, February 24, 2011


I was tidying up one of the computers that I use at my work and I discovered a .PDF that I had totally forgotten downloading.  It is a Random Robot Generator by Sean Wills, and you can find it over at under the heading "General S&W Resources" as "Robot Generator for gonzo-style S&W by Sean Wills ('Geordie Racer')"

First off, I love that you get to roll all the dice!  We were just having yet another discussion about the poor old d12 at the Labyrinth Lord session last Monday.  Well, you get to roll the d12 for perhaps the coolest part of this chart; the mission the robot is out on when encountered!
If a Small Clockwork Snake Robot with 10' Ray Attack that can Find Traps out on a Retrieval Mission doesn't float your boat, then what the hell is wrong with you sir?


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