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Tusked Demon Mask of the Phoenix Society

This mask was fashioned from the flayed face of a minor demon lord named Anshagali whose soul was bound into the artifact during its making.  The mask has been owned by the Phoenix Society for generations, and is associated with dance regalia of that society including a magnificent cape of purple and green iridescent feathers trimmed with red fox fur (Cape of Speed x2 Movement, +1 Attack) and a woven porcupine-quill chest piece beaded with a radiating geometric sunburst pattern (Chest Piece of Defense AC 2 [17]).

The mask is only worn by the mentally and physically strongest warriors during the private dance ceremonies of the society, particularly at the ceremonies marking initiation into a deeper level of the society, but its existence is well known throughout the tribe because of the tell-tale glowing red eyes of the society members who have worn it.  These warriors are known as the Ashes of the Phoenix and must swear a lifetime vow of celibacy and ascetic living before donning the mask.  Anshagali longs to be freed from the control of the Phoenix Society and constantly whispers in the minds of those unfortunate souls bound to him through chains of ancestral history to steal him from the Phoenix Society House away into the jungle.
Tusked Demon Mask by Emma Nash, Photoshop flames by Carl Nash
Anyone who dons the mask even once gains permanent darkvision to 180' as well as eyes that always glow red in the dark with the strength of a candle (Remove Curse will reverse both conditions).  When the sun is down Anshagali can communicate telepathically with everyone who has ever worn the mask and any of their descendants born after the mask was worn  (nothing short of divine intervention can prevent this).  A strict diet of fish and bland starchy vegetables (no fruits, nothing spicy, no red meat) reduces the volume of Anshagali's whispers to a low murmuring that can be easily ignored.

While wearing the mask, Anshagali grants +2 to STR and DEX, immunity to fire/heat (although cold and water do double damage), and a natural bite and tusk attack for 1d8+2 damage +ongoing 2 HP damage until magical cure or Remove Curse.  All damage dealt by the bite attack (including ongoing) accumulates as charges for the mask on a 1 HP = 1 Charge basis (charges reset with each new wearer).  Charges can be spent as follows:
1 Charge: +1d6 fire damage to any attack (maximum +3d6 to a single attack)
1 Charge: +1 to hit on any attack roll (maximum +3 to a single attack)
5 Charges: 30' cone of fire, 15' wide at apex, bursts from the mask's mouth (5d6, Save for 1/2)
10 Charges: Bursts of fire from the eyes, 100' range, 5d6 (no save)
10 Charges (must be night time): Anshagali Possession - become the fiery incarnation of the imprisoned demon soul for 2d6 rounds.  The body of the mask-wearer completely disappears and is replaced with a hovering ball of fire that crackles around the mask.  The mask wearer gains 50 temporary HP but takes 1d6 damage per round of the possession that is removed from the permanent HP pool.  Instant death results if this damage reduces HP to 0, and the physical body never reappears in this case (completely consumed by the mask).  If the temporary HP are exhausted by attacks or a cumulative total of 25 HP cold or water damage are received, the possession is ended instantly.

While possessed by Anshagali the following attacks can be made (choose one per turn):  Fire Lash x2 attacks, 25' range, 3d6 fire damage and pull/slide the victim up to 10', Save to avoid being knocked prone; Flame Burst 15' radius blast centered on mask, 5d6 (Save for 1/2) and pushed back 10', and knocked prone if Save failed; Fire Sword 5d12 melee
At Will Spell-Like Abilities: Teleport (180' distance max, line of sight to destination required, no chance of failure); Knock/Open Lock; Major Illusion (concentration required to maintain); Silence 15' Radius; Telepathy (180' range);
Once per Possession: Death Gaze, Save or Die, 180' range

A Save is required at the end of the possession, failure allowing Anshagali to posses the individual once a day at any range for 2d6 rounds, during which time Anshagali is in complete control.  A new save is permitted at the end of each day that Anshagli does take active possession, at a cumulative -1 penalty after each subsequent failed save.

Anshagali has INT 17 WIS 9 CHA 20

Anshagali was never the cautious calculated sort as a demon lord and has only grown more impatient and reckless as an artifact mask.

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