Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Magic Mushrooms

Two random charts: One for the primary effect and one for the side effect of a magic mushroom.  I will spare you guys the addiction and overdose charts for now.  This is pasted from a spreadsheet, so the formatting is a little funky:  Duration of the effect follows the short description.  Sub charts follow the primary charts.  I grant non-commercial rights to use these charts in private games.  I retain all other rights.

Roll on both charts.

Primary Effect Chart (d30):

  1. Cures 3d6 HP worth of damage. instantaneous
  2. Grants one extra attack per round. 2d6 rounds
  3. The mushroom secretes a contact poison which does 50 damage (Save vs. Poison for 1/2 damage) instantaneous
  4. The ingester grows to 10 x her original size.  HP and Strength double, Dexterity is halved and AC receives a -4 penalty. 1d4 hours
  5. The ingester shrinks to 1/10 her original size.  HP and Strength are halved, Dexterity is doubled and AC receives a +4 bonus. 1d4 hours
  6. The ingester receives +8 to one randomly determined attribute and -4 to another.   2d10 rounds
  7. The ingester receives 15 temporary HP which disappear in 1 hour if not used. 1 hour or less
  8. Sticky sweat: +2 bonus to AC and the ability to stick to and climb on vertical surfaces and ceilings. 4d6 rounds
  9. Spore breath: The ingester takes 2d6 damage and can spray a 15' cone of spores that do 10d6 damage (Save vs. Poison for 1/2 damage) to all in their path.
  10. The ability to see in darkness as if it were daylight 2d6 hours
  11. Irresistible aroma: +2 to Charisma and most members of the opposite sex are strongly attracted. 1d4 days
  12. Magic Resistance: A percentage chance that any magical attack or effect will completely fail to work against the character.  Roll 1d10 on the Magic Resistance sub-chart. 1d10 rounds
  13. Grants the ability to see invisible and shadow creatures, and to discern the true nature of illusions. 2d12 rounds
  14. Doubles movement rate. 1d4 hours
  15. Breathing is unnecessary.   1d4 hours
  16. Cures all diseases. instantaneous
  17. Cures blindness. instantaneous
  18. Cures deafness. instantaneous
  19. Cures muteness. instantaneous
  20. Ingested poison: roll 1d10 on the poison types chart in Mutant Future, a kick-ass post-apocolyptic RPG freely available in text format from Goblinoid Games.
  21. Turn into a shadow (cannot be targeted by physical attacks, can slip through even the tiniest cracks, all equipment is transformed but no other physical objects can be picked up, carried or manipulated while in shadow form) 1d12 rounds
  22. Time slows: +2 to AC, +2 to hit, +2 to Dexterity, 1 extra attack per round. 1d4 rounds 
  23. Dried mushroom functions as a grenade: roll 1d10 on the Mushroom Grenade sub-chart. special
  24. If cultivated on a body within 1d4 hours of its death, this mushroom will re-animate the body as a free willed zombie with all of its former memories minus the last 4d6 days.  The mushroom-zombie sustains itself by consuming magical radiation, and can only "live" for 1d4 days without it.   special
  25. Body becomes slightly lighter than air.  Without at least 10 pounds of ballast, the ingester will slowly float away at the rate of 20' per round. 1d4 hours
  26. Immune to fire and heat damage. 2d6 rounds
  27. Immune to cold damage. 2d6 rounds
  28. Ingester must tell the truth. 1d4 hours
  29. Roll on the Side Effect Chart instead.
  30. Roll twice on this chart, ignoring any result of 29.  This result may be rolled more than once.
Side Effect Chart (d20):
  1. Sleep (15 minute onset time). 1d4 hours
  2. Sharp Headache: 1d6 damage and -1 to all attacks. 1 hour
  3. Blind in daylight, sensitive to low light 1d4 days duration
  4. Nausea and intense vomiting.  No other actions possible. 3d6 rounds
  5. Double vision results in a -2 penalty to hit. 4d6 rounds
  6. Persistent diarrhea.  Effects adjudicated by the GM. 3d4 days
  7. Skin turns a random color (roll 1d10 on the Skin Color sub-chart) 3d12 days
  8. Deafness (roll 1d6 on the Deafness Duration sub-chart) special
  9. Strong odor is emitted (roll 1d6 on the Strong Odor sub-chart) 1d6 hours
  10. Clumsy: -4 to Dexterity 1d4 hours
  11. Strong intoxicant: -5 to Intelligence and Wisdom 1d4 hours
  12. Weakened:  -4 to Strength 1d4 hours
  13. Save vs. Poison or the ingester must attack the nearest living creature (must save again each round). 2d4 rounds
  14. Blindness (roll 1d6 on the Blindness Duration sub-chart) special
  15. Muteness (roll 1d6 on the Muteness Duration sub-chart) special
  16. All of the ingester's hair falls out over the course of the next day until the ingester is completely hairless. Hair begins to regrow in 1d4 weeks
  17. Intense visual hallucinations: -4 to hit.   3d6 hours
  18. Terrible nightmares: No benefits can be gained from resting, and the ingester takes 3d6 damage each time she begins to dream after falling asleep. 1d4 days
  19. Roll on the Primary Effect Chart instead.
  20. Roll twice on this chart, ignoring any roll of 19.  This result may be rolled more than once.

Magic Resistance Sub-Chart (d10):
  1. 15%
  2. 20%
  3. 25%
  4. 30%
  5. 40%
  6. 50%
  7. 60%
  8. 70%
  9. 80%
  10. 90%
Mushroom Grenade sub-chart (1d10):

Duration Note: Clouds left by a grenade dissipate naturally, lingering longer in still, contained areas than outside.
  1. 15' radius cloud of smoke
  2. 10' radius spore cloud; Save vs. Poison or sleep for 2d6 rounds
  3. 10' radius blast for 4d6 damage
  4. 10' radius spore cloud; Save vs. Poison or hallucinate for 1d4 hours
  5. 10' radius blast for 6d6 damage
  6. 500' radius flash of light (Save vs. Energy Attacks to avoid 3d6 rounds of blindness if looking at the light)
  7. 10' radius blast for 8d6 damage
  8. 25' radius magical darkness (permanent)
  9. 10' radius blast for 10d6 damage
  10. 10' radius spore cloud (Save vs. Magic to avoid petrification)

Skin Color sub-chart (d10):
  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. green
  5. Blue
  6. Indigo
  7. Violet
  8. Black
  9. White
  10. Tie-died swirl of every color.

Blindness/Deafness/Muteness Duration sub-chart (d6):

  1. 1 hour
  2. 1d4 hours
  3. 2d6 hours
  4. 1 day
  5. 1d10 days
  6. permanent
Strong Odor sub-chart (d6):

  1. Skunk: -10 to Charisma 
  2. Rotting Meat: -5 to Charisma, carnivorous and scavenging predators attracted.
  3. Syrupy sweet: swarms of insects are attracted.
  4. Shadowy Aroma: The shadow world draws closer.
  5. Aggressive pheromone:  The ingestor must make a successful Charisma attack to avoid being attacked by any creature that comes within 15' of her.
  6. Fear pheromone:  Any creature coming within 15' of the ingestor must make a Save vs. Poison or flee for 1d4 rounds


  1. That is quite far out! Thank you! I will refer here when the time is ripe. Much obliged!

  2. I like this! So simple and so delicious! I have a bunch of mixed mushrooms that I guess I could toss together. Yum!

    cubensis spore syringe


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