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Random d20 Chart of Magical Plants for 4e

Here is a d20 chart of magical or otherwise useful plants for 4e.  This is lifted directly from a spreadsheet a player in my campaign compiles and updates between sessions.  All abbreviations and effects are as notated by him based on what I said at the table; as my notes are scattered and disorganized, his spreadsheet has more or less become a better resource than my original notes!  For simplicities sake I have left out the unique effects created by combining different plants.

 d20 Roll -  Type     -      Effects                          -                      Side Effects
  1. Cidna Berries - Restores 1 Healing Surge - None
  2. Vine Milk Ingest - +2 init, +2 AC, +2 to Hit for 2d6 rounds. - Nausea for 1 round. -2 Hit and -1 dmg.
  3. Leaf - Cure any ongoing poison damage and if taken after poisoned, neutralize previous poison damage. - None
  4. Vile Smelling Fungal Growth Ingest - +10 to any ritual check with Arcana for 1 hour.   -4 Will Defense for duration.
  5. Odiferous Sap - Use as incense - Close Burst 1: +2 Hit and Damage for encounter. -   None
  6. Leaf (Evergreen) Grants Sv. To end Domination with a +4 bonus.-  None
  7. Seeds (Licorice) +5 Streetwise and Diplomacy for 1 hour. Hangover for 1 hour aftereffect: -1 to all rolls. -  none
  8. Sap Coat Gear - +2 AC/Fort for encounter. -2 Reflex for duration.
  9. Brush with Spongy Core Spongy Material - Minor Action - Clamp spongy material over a wound to stop poison. Consume - Susceptible to coercion: -5 Will Defense.
  10. Oily Solution When heated the oil turns anything it is coating invisible. +10 stealth, lasts 1 encounter. - None
  11. Sap (Evergreen) Incense - +5 Insight and Knowledge checks. Blissful Aftereffect: -8 to Initiative(stoned)
  12. Ebene Tree - Cambium Layer of Bark Powdered and Dried - Snuff - Enter spirit world for 2d4 hours. Can't return to physical world in that time. - None
  13. Hisioma Seed Ground Seed - Snuff - Returns spirit body to self. - None
  14. Ryath Root Healing - Spend a healing surge, but gain 2d4hp. - None
  15. Fungus - Grew out of network of mycelium. Super fast growing. Edible. Only needs water and innate magic to grow. High protien. 1 inch cube fills a mason jar with just a few drops of water. More magic and water equals a MUCH faster growth. - None
  16. Sweet Red Berries Minor Action - Grant a 2nd Second Wind once per encounter. - None
  17. Leaves and Root (Wolfsbane) Infusion - Contact Poison. +10 poison damage on contact and ongoing 5 damage (Save Ends). One application lasts one encounter. - None
  18. Flowers (Wolfsbane) Used to create a wash - Potency degrades quickly in light - Coat item and it becomes a +1 magic item for one encounter. Requires total immersion. 1 flower create 1 gallon of wash. Twice the uses if you can keep it unexposed. Newt people coat their ritual knives in the wash. - None
  19. Seeds (Wolfsbane) Used by Newt female casters to invoke their patron witch spirit. - None Known
  20. Fruit (Cucumber Like) Slices placed over eyes - Invoke spirit projection. You control spirit, fly 60 miles per house, lasts 2d6x10 minutes. Have to get back to body before duration runs out or your soul may be lost. DM rolls time and gives a 20 minute warning. Cucumber lasts d6+1 days after being cut open. - None

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