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Dwimmermount Doesn't Suck

Dwimmermount doesn't suck from my perspective as a player.  I played in a play by post Dwimmermount game run by James M. a while back at   I responded to an open invite James made on his blog.  This was before Google+ existed in all its free multi-person video chat glory.

I played Kersa Duer, female goblin thief and shit stirrer (we were Group 2 if you actually check out the posts on the odd74.proboards).  I had a lot of fun and I think the group as a whole was having fun before James completely dissapeared without even a goodbye post.  Just like Joe the Lawyer  et al we were exploring the 1st level of Dwimmermount coming in the main entrance.  We found a secret door and an alchemist's workship and before that we tangled with metal infused skeletons that were guarding a door, and we found a metal disk that was a key in the secret room, and it fit in the door...

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 Re: [GROUP 2] Beyond the Door
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Sept 28, 2009, 12:00pmcarlnash wrote:
"Pull boys! Pull! Lets see them ignore this!"

Whether for good or ill, the lead skeletal warrior springs to life as the noose lands around his neck and you pull on it. His companions then do the same, all twelve of them rushing forward in battle formation, clanking of they go.

Clanking -- that's the odd thing about the skeletons before you: they make too much noise for the armor they are wearing, especially as their feet are not shod with sabatons. Looking more carefully at the skeleton you have ensnared and pulled closer into the light of your torches and lanterns, you see that its bones are shot through with a silvery-black metal -- metal you assume it to be, because it reflects the light. All the skeletons have the same appearance to them, with veins of this strange metallic substance covering their bones and, judging from the clamor they make as they advance, weighing them down somewhat.
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  1. JoeLaw found the reason that dear JaMal abandoned the game without a single post, apology or explanation. You had probably seen the highlight of Dummermunt. He hadn't created yet more boring rooms of dust.

  2. I haven't actually seen any of the playtest materials that JoeLaw et al were using; I have been doing pretty much diametrically opposed gaming activities to an old school B/X mega-dungeon so I haven't been that interested in Dwimmermount for a while now. But I was certainly having fun exploring the little bit of Dwimmermount that we got to see in the play by post game.

    From reading James M's blog I know that there *are* interesting things in and about Dwimmermount, including gates to other planets and sorcerous groups extracting magical metallic liquids from the deep. I would hope those things are presented in the final product, along with all the factions that use the gates and other features of the dungeon, and with those a good DM will of course make the dungeon a dynamic environment. Thulian sorcerors can wander up to level 1 just as easy as PCs can wander downward, after all.


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