Saturday, January 30, 2010

D&D Heroscape Review

A few weeks back the new D&D themed Heroscape set was released.  I reviewed Heroscape Master Set Three - the Battle for the Underdark at Eye of the Vortex.  Check it out!

My fervent hope is that this brings in new blood to both games.  I think the set did a good job of including D&D gameplay elements to get Heroscape players interested in D&D, but I think more could have been done to get D&D players into Heroscape.


  1. I'm hoping for crossover appeal, too!

  2. As an avid Heroscape player, and an on and off D&D player, I hate the D&D heroscape stuff. I like D&D, as a pen and paper role-playing game. Heroscape is a tactical minis combat game. They are seperate entities.
    Its a thinly veiled attempt by WOTC to try and recruit more D&D players, thus taking a dump on heroscape. WOTC only cares about Magic and D&D, and this move proves it.


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