Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dragon and Knight

This is a drawing I scrawled on some purple paper a while back at my girlfriend's sister's house.  I drew it because her sister loves dragons, so I left the original there and snapped a (very low resolution) picture of it with my cell phone.  I just found the cell phone pic today as I was transferring stuff from my old phone onto my computer, and thought it was worth posting.

I really like the blue face in the hillside behind the dragon; I think this would make a good location in a dream plane in an RPG... which gives me an idea for the next time my Mutant Future players use their Plane Shift mutation!


  1. Yes. Looking forward to reading about that.

    What is the medium/are the media you used?

  2. @ Timeshadows

    I used some kind of markers that were semi-translucent on top of purple paper. The color of the sky above the hill is the natural color of the paper. I don't know what brand the markers were, the markers and paper were lying around at my girlfriend's sister's place (I think they were art supplies for her kids).

  3. It looks like my PCs are going to be heading to this reality via the Plane Shift mutation next session! One of them used his Precognition ability to imagine opening a portal and going through it, and he was quite enchanted with the land of dragons, knights, and living purple hills.


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