Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daddy Grognard's Fight Club (Droid Post)

I spent all day playing with my new Droid phone - browsing my favorite blogs and even making this post on the little robot!  One of the things I checked out was Daddy Grognard's Saturday Night Fight Club between a remorhaz and a Frost Giant.

I have always loved the remorhaz, so I was not surprised by the fight results!

Just for fun I took a picture of the combatants with the fight post behind them (mostly to test out the Droid's ability to take a pic and upload it to blogger).

Edit - As it turns out, I was unable to select the "Insert Image" tool (actually, only the "Link" tool worked in the toolbar) using the Droid browser.  I did email myself the picture and get on my laptop to finish the post, however.  Looks like if I am going to make any posts with the Droid I will have to use HTML to insert images.

Edit the Second:  And that is totally not a frost giant, it is a frost titan.

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