Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mech Creation in my Mice in Mech Suit rules

My last post about balance in character creation and the joys of randomness and thrills of the rolling dice has gotten me thinking about my latest project.  As it stands, mech creation in my Mice in Mech Suit game is a matter of choosing the basic type of mech (which grants some statistical differences from the base mech stats), choosing a base movement rate (which determines base AC and HP), and then choosing a basic weapon package, optional weapons, optional defenses, and one special maneuver.  The optional weapons and defenses have trade offs (usually a penalty to movement and associated penalty to AC, but some have penalties to attacks or damage, some require the use of two hands thus limiting other choices, etc.) that more or less balance them out - you can pick as many or as few of them as you like, but if you pick every cool looking one that exists you would find yourself hardly able to move and extremely easy to hit (even if you did have three kinds of forcefields and rockets and grenades and repulsor beams...).

I think I am going to have to introduce an optional random char gen option.  I will probably start by numbering each option in each step of the character creation process, then require some random rolls to see how many options you roll for at each step.  If nothing else it will be a random mech generator that a DM could use to create a horde of unique adversaries without having to expend any brainpower!

I have also been toying around with a the option of a few rolls to determine the prowess and special abilities of the pilot of the mech; in my stand-alone rules, the pilot is more or less totally ignored.  The basic rules are  ready to post in a public beta playtest sort of way, but I will have to think a little bit more about random character generation before I put them out there on the interwebs.

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