Friday, January 8, 2010

My d30's arrived! Thanks Emma!

My beautiful and generous fiancee came through and finally delivered the late Christmas present she had promised me - I got a d30 today!  And when I opened the package, it turned out to be two d30's!  I made a half-assed roll on the table top (which is glass and makes a horrible sound when you roll dice on it), cringed at the noise and scooped up the heavy dice.

Shake shake shake (I should just roll these on the wood floor!  Then I can really give them a good roll.)  Shake shake shake, roll...

Double Frickin' 30's.  With Emma as my witness.

I have a feeling my players are in trouble, as I will be making a slight amendment to the d30 houserule - the referee gets TWO rolls per session because I have two d30's, dammit!  And also because there are so many more players than there are me's, and not only is there only one of me, but I play so many different NPCs and villains that it really only seems fair that I get two rolls while each player only gets one.


  1. Let the players beware! Carl is in the Order and has big scary plans.

    What I love about the D30 is the way it has a think about where to stop before it actually does so.


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