Thursday, December 31, 2009

Art - Fallen Angel

This is an old unfinished piece of mine, and one that is much the worse for wear.  There are several tears in the page and, as I am wont to do, I had not planned out what I was drawing when I started so one of his wings ended up being drawn on the tear-away left margin of the page which has since been mostly lost.  I think I drew this in 2001 or 2002.

Regardless of its condition, this is a good example of a style of drawing I was doing a lot of back then where there was one large image as the focus of the drawing with a lot of other creatures and faces stuffed into the larger image.

I made up an intricate story about this piece as I was drawing it, and I think it would work well in an RPG.

This is a fallen angel, as you can tell by the scenes depicted in his intact left wing.  You have a fiery Satan-type face looking down as the sun burns the fallen angel for the first time after his fall, with the eye of God winking out of existence next to the outcast.  Then you have the descent into hell below.  The fallen angel himself has had his skin burnt off through this ordeal, which you can easily see in his face, and it is really unfortunate that not much survives of his right wing because it was probably my favorite part of the drawing; it was a really disturbing looking wing melted right down to the bone (I am glad that the monkey head survived at least at the bottom of this wing).  

The cool part is that this fallen angel is a walking portal, or to be exact, several portals.  Each of the creatures and faces that decorate his body are alive and can use his body to access the prime material plane - for instance, his right pectoral muscle has been transformed into a portal to a layer of the abyss ruled by a slime demon, whose head you can see melding into the melted wing. The green face with yellow eyes and big ears is a trickster lord of the forest, a sort of cat-goblin hybrid who is not truly evil at heart but loves playing pranks.  There is a demon bee type creature that forms part of the face of a gargoyle, and a little cat-faced pink worm (unfortunately a rip in the paper makes its face tough to make out) that curls over the gargoyle's shoulder.  Of course, our old dog Mali makes an appearance (may she rest in peace) and for some reason I included an Apatosaurus that is rearing up and over the green trickster's head.  The cloaked figure with the red eyes and blue face (on the left thigh of the fallen angel) is the unfathomable lord of time (perhaps he had something to do with the dinosaur making an appearance).  

Anyway, I like the idea of a giant fallen angel walking around, tormented by his decision to leave heaven and in agony from all the beings that use his body as a gateway to enter the world.  I think the slime demon on his right pec is my favorite surviving piece of the drawing, but the dinosaur making out with Mali the dog is a close second.

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