Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Goodies - Heroscape

I asked for and received the Heroscape game for Christmas.  This is an immensely satisfying toy for both the inner kid in me and the little RPG demon that screams in my ear, "Buy more RPG crap!  Buy more RPG crap!". I had fun setting up a terrain map using both the original master set and the Marvel superheroes and villains expansion master set, and here is the result:

I may eventually use this to set up a particularly climactic battle for my Mutant Future campaign:  I particularly like the ruined building with the knock-out wall that came with the Marvel expansion:

I will be taking the minis with me to my 4e game tonight, I don't have all that many D&D minis and these will definitely help to bring our game to life.

In general, I was very impressed with the quality of the minis.  Check out this dragon:

And this dinosaur rider:

How cool is that?

Some wicked robot/mecha type units:

The Hulk:


I haven't tried playing the actual game yet, but I know that even if I never do I will have a ton of fun with the minis and the battle terrain tiles.


  1. We used these minis for our weekly 4e game and they worked well. The hulk made an appearance as a huge zombie and Dr. Doom (not pictured above) was an evil cultist. A number of viking looking guys served as town guardsmen.

    Already getting some good use out of this present!

  2. It is a fun game, but, as you instinctively discovered, its the bits and their multifarious use that is HS real strength as a product.
    --I am eagerly awaiting the D&D set due out soon.


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