Monday, December 28, 2009

Encounter - Kur-Ken

What may seem at first glance like a single deformed monster is in reality two conjoined twins who each have half of a body, Kur and Ken.  Kur is the left head and the right side of the body, and he is a giant.  Ken is the right head and the left side of the body and he is very small.  Kur-Ken, as they are collectively known, are the sons of a mountain witch named Agu Yobi.  They are attached to her mobile house (think Baba Yaga's hut) with a magical silver chain that can stretch out to 3000' and will phase through any obstacles that it encounters as Kur-Ken wanders.  Agu Yobi and her hut will be detailed in an upcoming post; her hut is far larger inside than it appears and has many portals linking it to far flung locales where Agu Yobi hunts for food to feed herself and her sons.

I think the cards are legible enough as is, so refer to them for more detailed stats and play notes.

Quick Stats for Kur:
HP: 80
AC: 12
Attack: +10
Damage: club 2d6+5, boulder 1d8+5, 50' range
Movement: 20

Quick Stats for Ken:
HP: 25
AC: 13
Attack: +1
Damage: 1d4 (dagger)
Magical Abilities: Telepathy and Detect Life Forms, both 200' range, Telekinesis up to 30 lbs
Priest Spells: light, cure minor wounds x2; command, cure light wounds, sanctuary; hold person, cure moderate wounds

Play Notes:
Kur is constantly angry, in physical pain, and is immensely strong.  Kur is like a tired and grumpy child... who could crush your skull in his bare hand.  Ken is calm and happy; his atrophied body does not pain him like Kur's.  He is the brains of the operation and attempts to minimize the damage done by his angry brother.  Kur-Ken should be encountered a few thousand feet from the hut, as the sight of a one legged giant hopping around with an atrophied person sprouting out of his side, attached to a silver chain that disappears into the trees, should be enough to pique anyones curiosity.  Woe unto anyone who harms the twins, as their mother is the real danger.  Should anyone follow the chain to the hut, it is extremely difficult to enter from outside when Agu Yobi is away - she uses a form of wizard lock on the giant rolled up tongue that serves as door and access ramp.

This is a good example of how I scribble on anything handy when inspiration strikes me - in this case, the backs of some flyers for my band.  Agu Yobi's hut is pretty cool, I have no idea how similar it is to Baba Yaga's hut because I have never seen that adventure, but I was inspired by the folktale of Baba Yaga.  I love the idea of a hut on legs walking around.

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