Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random d20 Chart of Magical Plants for 4e

Here is a d20 chart of magical or otherwise useful plants for 4e.  This is lifted directly from a spreadsheet a player in my campaign compiles and updates between sessions.  All abbreviations and effects are as notated by him based on what I said at the table; as my notes are scattered and disorganized, his spreadsheet has more or less become a better resource than my original notes!  For simplicities sake I have left out the unique effects created by combining different plants.

 d20 Roll -  Type     -      Effects                          -                      Side Effects
  1. Cidna Berries - Restores 1 Healing Surge - None
  2. Vine Milk Ingest - +2 init, +2 AC, +2 to Hit for 2d6 rounds. - Nausea for 1 round. -2 Hit and -1 dmg.
  3. Leaf - Cure any ongoing poison damage and if taken after poisoned, neutralize previous poison damage. - None
  4. Vile Smelling Fungal Growth Ingest - +10 to any ritual check with Arcana for 1 hour.   -4 Will Defense for duration.
  5. Odiferous Sap - Use as incense - Close Burst 1: +2 Hit and Damage for encounter. -   None
  6. Leaf (Evergreen) Grants Sv. To end Domination with a +4 bonus.-  None
  7. Seeds (Licorice) +5 Streetwise and Diplomacy for 1 hour. Hangover for 1 hour aftereffect: -1 to all rolls. -  none
  8. Sap Coat Gear - +2 AC/Fort for encounter. -2 Reflex for duration.
  9. Brush with Spongy Core Spongy Material - Minor Action - Clamp spongy material over a wound to stop poison. Consume - Susceptible to coercion: -5 Will Defense.
  10. Oily Solution When heated the oil turns anything it is coating invisible. +10 stealth, lasts 1 encounter. - None
  11. Sap (Evergreen) Incense - +5 Insight and Knowledge checks. Blissful Aftereffect: -8 to Initiative(stoned)
  12. Ebene Tree - Cambium Layer of Bark Powdered and Dried - Snuff - Enter spirit world for 2d4 hours. Can't return to physical world in that time. - None
  13. Hisioma Seed Ground Seed - Snuff - Returns spirit body to self. - None
  14. Ryath Root Healing - Spend a healing surge, but gain 2d4hp. - None
  15. Fungus - Grew out of network of mycelium. Super fast growing. Edible. Only needs water and innate magic to grow. High protien. 1 inch cube fills a mason jar with just a few drops of water. More magic and water equals a MUCH faster growth. - None
  16. Sweet Red Berries Minor Action - Grant a 2nd Second Wind once per encounter. - None
  17. Leaves and Root (Wolfsbane) Infusion - Contact Poison. +10 poison damage on contact and ongoing 5 damage (Save Ends). One application lasts one encounter. - None
  18. Flowers (Wolfsbane) Used to create a wash - Potency degrades quickly in light - Coat item and it becomes a +1 magic item for one encounter. Requires total immersion. 1 flower create 1 gallon of wash. Twice the uses if you can keep it unexposed. Newt people coat their ritual knives in the wash. - None
  19. Seeds (Wolfsbane) Used by Newt female casters to invoke their patron witch spirit. - None Known
  20. Fruit (Cucumber Like) Slices placed over eyes - Invoke spirit projection. You control spirit, fly 60 miles per house, lasts 2d6x10 minutes. Have to get back to body before duration runs out or your soul may be lost. DM rolls time and gives a 20 minute warning. Cucumber lasts d6+1 days after being cut open. - None

    Tuesday, November 9, 2010


    So, masochist that I am, I stopped in at my favorite comic shop/gaming store today even though I had no loot to spend.  WHY!!! WHY!!!

    Why do I do this to myself?

    Why did somebody bring in a bunch of old Victoria Games James Bond 007 modules in boxes with cool maps and player handouts and stuff?  There was Gold Finger, and a couple of other ones, and they looked really cool, and they had all the handouts and tokens and everything in the box and I REALLY REALLY WANT IT MOM CAN I HAVE IT!!!  Its only $10, and I know I already have the 007 game, but the bundle comes with the game AND the modules and they are SOOO COOL!!!

    I want it so bad!

    I am going back tomorrow credit card in hand, bastards.

    Friday, November 5, 2010

    Gaming Ritual: Weekly Group Email

    I took over the DM reigns of my 4e group on only a couple of days notice a while back.  I grabbed an old campaign world that I had made in high school off the shelf, jotted down some ideas and hit the ground running.  One thing about this campaign that I have really enjoyed are the weekly emails that a player in the group sends out, briefly hitting some of the highlights of last session and setting the date for next week.  I am going to share these emails in a couple of posts, on the off chance they are amusing to someone else besides me.  This first batch gets us from the beginning of the campaign to partway through "The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan", a 2e adventure that I ran backwards from end to beginning as an old fashioned, trap-filled dungeon crawl.

    On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 8:58 PM, Carl Nash wrote:

    "Ok, I am definitely going to DM tomorrow and I have a plan

    The players will start the session by getting off the boat in the "new world", a newly discovered land mass across the ocean from the established D&D default setting.

    A small town (New Hope) carved out of the jungle on the shores of a large bay and a mining operation on a mountain up the river are the only specks of civilization.

    Expect the unexpected.  Lost Valleys with all kinds of messed up stuff that Time Forgot.  Dinosaurs.  Witch Doctors and Jungle Creepy Crawlies.  You know, your garden variety Trip to the Amazon on Acid...

    This could be a one shot or an ongoing thing that we can come back to whenever Shashi can't run the existing campaign.

    See you tomorrow night!

    DM Carl"

    The following are the weekly emails that one of the players in the campaign (who also has been good enough to post on this blog from the perspective of his character in the campaign, a female albino minotaur) sends out.

    Monday, February 15

    "Heya hey!

    Well it's that time again...I'm sending out the weekly e-mail to see how this weekend is for everyone and what day is best for roleplay this week, if any. I feel we can't deprive our "workers" of our presence for too long, lest they revolt. Besides, our bugbear cleric may get antsy and I'm not going anywhere near that. Anyways, what day is good for everyone? I'm up for even doing Sundays if people decide that those are better days. So far I have better luck with this character, I only almost lost my face, but I still have both legs! (so far). Let's see what Hammer can drudge up off the bottom of random river water, other than giant crocodiles. I could really go for some peanut butter to compliment that honey.

    Get back to me when you can, I generally try and have a set day by Thur at the latest, preferably Wed.

    -Mike P. "

    Monday, February 22, 2010


    The title explains it all. Just sending out the feelers to see who is up for making it to roleplay this weekend. Let me know what days you are all available so we can get a solid day set in stone. I am really enjoying the debate over the native religions and different groups/forces at war. Let's hope next time we don't wind up fighting an "acidic tar" four-armed hillbilly. Congratulations to those who reached level two! (Now you can protect the rest of us from the alligators). Let's all follow in those foot steps and see what the path reveals.

    Kickin' ass, by getting my ass kicked,
    -Mike P."

    Monday, March 1, 2010

    "Heya all!

    And so our adventure continues, blazing a trail through the vast amazon, spelunking dark caverns full of altars to dark gods, and voodoo heads that turned Vomar (aka Jamey) into their bitch! All in all an exciting session and I'm much enthused to jump into the mine looking for four-armed white apes! The last one wasn't enough to dash my spirits (although it did a good job of dashing our intestines across the landscape) lol. So I say, stock up on lanterns, hard hats, and mutton. It's time to go exploring! Last one to the mine cart is a rotten egg! Besides, how bad can a hideous, giant, salivating, black as the abyss, human-handed, and spiny spider be?

    Famous last words by:
    Mike P.

    P.S Which days are good for all of you?"

    Monday, March 15, 2010 

    Well it's about that time again to check and see what all our demon slaying, town saving peeps are up to. What day is good (if any) for all of you this week? Let's see if we can't get some shrunken head lovin' to get rid of this STD. I knew we shouldn't have tag-teamed that mummy Vomar! At least it's down and out (for now) and all we have to worry about is what lies ahead and the giant human-handed spider behind! So let's all meet up and roll our save vs death check!
    -Mike P.
    P.S - Shashi might be once again joining us. I hear tales of a bullywug(sp) assassin, at least. "

    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    "Heya all!

    Well I think Friday was set out as the best time for people to show up to this next D&D session, but I wanted to get this e-mail out there in case anyone had any objections to that day. Please let me know if you do! Also, I hope you are recieving this Carl as I updated your e-mail on the list...I guess you really can't tell me if you aren't. At any rate, last week was awesome! We spent so much time trying to figure out that crazy room of elements, only to stumble into ANOTHER crazy room with gelatinous cube mirrors. Also, our clerics seem to be the most daring and "courageous" (see also: Foolhardy) people in the party. One of them dives down to take on a spider with baby heads and razor sharp arms...the other runs off down a secret passage and gets engulfed by a gelatinous cube! Sheesh, I think our barbarian was hardly able to keep up! As for everything else though, I guess it pays off to be a master of interpretive dance and huge diplomacy! I'd like to welcome our newest pet to the party: Giblets the Gibbering Mouther. Thanks to our half-elf cleric who apparently has a lot of experience fitting in and rolled an amazing 30 on his d30 roll. Apparently he does have everything under control when he says so and walks into a room of death. Hope to see you all this weekend!
    -Mike P."

    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    Magic Mushrooms

    Two random charts: One for the primary effect and one for the side effect of a magic mushroom.  I will spare you guys the addiction and overdose charts for now.  This is pasted from a spreadsheet, so the formatting is a little funky:  Duration of the effect follows the short description.  Sub charts follow the primary charts.  I grant non-commercial rights to use these charts in private games.  I retain all other rights.

    Roll on both charts.

    Primary Effect Chart (d30):

    1. Cures 3d6 HP worth of damage. instantaneous
    2. Grants one extra attack per round. 2d6 rounds
    3. The mushroom secretes a contact poison which does 50 damage (Save vs. Poison for 1/2 damage) instantaneous
    4. The ingester grows to 10 x her original size.  HP and Strength double, Dexterity is halved and AC receives a -4 penalty. 1d4 hours
    5. The ingester shrinks to 1/10 her original size.  HP and Strength are halved, Dexterity is doubled and AC receives a +4 bonus. 1d4 hours
    6. The ingester receives +8 to one randomly determined attribute and -4 to another.   2d10 rounds
    7. The ingester receives 15 temporary HP which disappear in 1 hour if not used. 1 hour or less
    8. Sticky sweat: +2 bonus to AC and the ability to stick to and climb on vertical surfaces and ceilings. 4d6 rounds
    9. Spore breath: The ingester takes 2d6 damage and can spray a 15' cone of spores that do 10d6 damage (Save vs. Poison for 1/2 damage) to all in their path.
    10. The ability to see in darkness as if it were daylight 2d6 hours
    11. Irresistible aroma: +2 to Charisma and most members of the opposite sex are strongly attracted. 1d4 days
    12. Magic Resistance: A percentage chance that any magical attack or effect will completely fail to work against the character.  Roll 1d10 on the Magic Resistance sub-chart. 1d10 rounds
    13. Grants the ability to see invisible and shadow creatures, and to discern the true nature of illusions. 2d12 rounds
    14. Doubles movement rate. 1d4 hours
    15. Breathing is unnecessary.   1d4 hours
    16. Cures all diseases. instantaneous
    17. Cures blindness. instantaneous
    18. Cures deafness. instantaneous
    19. Cures muteness. instantaneous
    20. Ingested poison: roll 1d10 on the poison types chart in Mutant Future, a kick-ass post-apocolyptic RPG freely available in text format from Goblinoid Games.
    21. Turn into a shadow (cannot be targeted by physical attacks, can slip through even the tiniest cracks, all equipment is transformed but no other physical objects can be picked up, carried or manipulated while in shadow form) 1d12 rounds
    22. Time slows: +2 to AC, +2 to hit, +2 to Dexterity, 1 extra attack per round. 1d4 rounds 
    23. Dried mushroom functions as a grenade: roll 1d10 on the Mushroom Grenade sub-chart. special
    24. If cultivated on a body within 1d4 hours of its death, this mushroom will re-animate the body as a free willed zombie with all of its former memories minus the last 4d6 days.  The mushroom-zombie sustains itself by consuming magical radiation, and can only "live" for 1d4 days without it.   special
    25. Body becomes slightly lighter than air.  Without at least 10 pounds of ballast, the ingester will slowly float away at the rate of 20' per round. 1d4 hours
    26. Immune to fire and heat damage. 2d6 rounds
    27. Immune to cold damage. 2d6 rounds
    28. Ingester must tell the truth. 1d4 hours
    29. Roll on the Side Effect Chart instead.
    30. Roll twice on this chart, ignoring any result of 29.  This result may be rolled more than once.
    Side Effect Chart (d20):
    1. Sleep (15 minute onset time). 1d4 hours
    2. Sharp Headache: 1d6 damage and -1 to all attacks. 1 hour
    3. Blind in daylight, sensitive to low light 1d4 days duration
    4. Nausea and intense vomiting.  No other actions possible. 3d6 rounds
    5. Double vision results in a -2 penalty to hit. 4d6 rounds
    6. Persistent diarrhea.  Effects adjudicated by the GM. 3d4 days
    7. Skin turns a random color (roll 1d10 on the Skin Color sub-chart) 3d12 days
    8. Deafness (roll 1d6 on the Deafness Duration sub-chart) special
    9. Strong odor is emitted (roll 1d6 on the Strong Odor sub-chart) 1d6 hours
    10. Clumsy: -4 to Dexterity 1d4 hours
    11. Strong intoxicant: -5 to Intelligence and Wisdom 1d4 hours
    12. Weakened:  -4 to Strength 1d4 hours
    13. Save vs. Poison or the ingester must attack the nearest living creature (must save again each round). 2d4 rounds
    14. Blindness (roll 1d6 on the Blindness Duration sub-chart) special
    15. Muteness (roll 1d6 on the Muteness Duration sub-chart) special
    16. All of the ingester's hair falls out over the course of the next day until the ingester is completely hairless. Hair begins to regrow in 1d4 weeks
    17. Intense visual hallucinations: -4 to hit.   3d6 hours
    18. Terrible nightmares: No benefits can be gained from resting, and the ingester takes 3d6 damage each time she begins to dream after falling asleep. 1d4 days
    19. Roll on the Primary Effect Chart instead.
    20. Roll twice on this chart, ignoring any roll of 19.  This result may be rolled more than once.

    Magic Resistance Sub-Chart (d10):
    1. 15%
    2. 20%
    3. 25%
    4. 30%
    5. 40%
    6. 50%
    7. 60%
    8. 70%
    9. 80%
    10. 90%
    Mushroom Grenade sub-chart (1d10):

    Duration Note: Clouds left by a grenade dissipate naturally, lingering longer in still, contained areas than outside.
    1. 15' radius cloud of smoke
    2. 10' radius spore cloud; Save vs. Poison or sleep for 2d6 rounds
    3. 10' radius blast for 4d6 damage
    4. 10' radius spore cloud; Save vs. Poison or hallucinate for 1d4 hours
    5. 10' radius blast for 6d6 damage
    6. 500' radius flash of light (Save vs. Energy Attacks to avoid 3d6 rounds of blindness if looking at the light)
    7. 10' radius blast for 8d6 damage
    8. 25' radius magical darkness (permanent)
    9. 10' radius blast for 10d6 damage
    10. 10' radius spore cloud (Save vs. Magic to avoid petrification)

    Skin Color sub-chart (d10):
    1. Red
    2. Orange
    3. Yellow
    4. green
    5. Blue
    6. Indigo
    7. Violet
    8. Black
    9. White
    10. Tie-died swirl of every color.

    Blindness/Deafness/Muteness Duration sub-chart (d6):

    1. 1 hour
    2. 1d4 hours
    3. 2d6 hours
    4. 1 day
    5. 1d10 days
    6. permanent
    Strong Odor sub-chart (d6):

    1. Skunk: -10 to Charisma 
    2. Rotting Meat: -5 to Charisma, carnivorous and scavenging predators attracted.
    3. Syrupy sweet: swarms of insects are attracted.
    4. Shadowy Aroma: The shadow world draws closer.
    5. Aggressive pheromone:  The ingestor must make a successful Charisma attack to avoid being attacked by any creature that comes within 15' of her.
    6. Fear pheromone:  Any creature coming within 15' of the ingestor must make a Save vs. Poison or flee for 1d4 rounds
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