Tuesday, April 28, 2015

200 Word Sorcerer

I submitted an entry to David Schirduan's 200 Word RPG Challenge.  I already revised my submission once and David posted the revision, and since then I have revised it a couple more times - I am not going to keep resubmitting my revisions, at this point I am mostly just messing around with it because it is a fun exercise in conciseness.  What can I take out and what can I add.  Having read many of the other submissions I have no illusions about winning anything (nor are the prizes particularly exciting) but the process of writing a 200 word class/supplement was a great challenge and got my creative juices flowing. Some of the entries are pretty impressive in that they both give novel rules without reference to a common starting point like D&D (which I relied on) and also are very evocative in describing a setting or milieu.

I don't think my D&Dish sorcerer hack stands up well to some of the other entries, but I still like it. My latest edit is a .PDF with full color background image that I created of a burning hand / embers.
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