Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blind Dwarf Attack!

I love my character in the Labyrinth Lord game I am playing with my friend Carter of Carter's Cartopia as DM.  I am a dwarf, Hakken Aksa-Dak, and I was blinded three sessions ago whilst exploring Stonehell Dungeon.  I was twisting a serpent statue which (of course, in retrospect) shot poison gas out at me.  Everyone else made their saves, but poor Dak has not seen the light of torch since.

Always one to turn life's lemons into healing potions, I got the rest of the party to clear out of the room while I went about trying to remove what I presumed and hoped was a container of poison gas concealed in the middle of the statue.  Carter rolled with what I was trying to do and eventually let me get out the gas container and stopper it with a rag while we carved a cork for it.  

Ever since, I have been the maniacal and probably more than slightly crazed (and of course, always drunk) first line of assault.  Did I mention that I have had 2 HP for the last three sessions as well?  We use the "Shields Will Splinter" houserule, so I can survive at least one hit, but really I expected to die many times as I charged, blind, screaming and holding a container of poisonous gas, straight into the middle of a band of lizardmen or hobgoblins.  This tactic has worked with varying success, but so far I have not died and I have been able to contribute something meaningful to combat.

I have also been tickled pink by all this.  Even though we just found a major pile of loot and high-tailed it out of the dungeon to re-supply and get my blindness removed, I almost don't want to give up the ride just yet.  Playing a blind, suicidal dwarf has been a lot of fun!

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  1. One of my favorite all-time characters was Hoegni Irontooth, a Hobbit who thought (and behaved as) he was a Paladin.

    I always made clear to the GM that Hoegni had absolutely no Paladinic powers, he just thought that he did . . . he was marvelous fun to play.

    -- Jeff


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