Tuesday, February 22, 2011


If anyone regarded my last point as unseemly because it was a personal response to another's blog post, posted here rather than in the comments over there, it was simply because my comment exceeded the blogger maximum character limit and I didn't want to waste the 5,000+ words I had just banged out so I copy and pasted it over here.

Even though the post was directed at Carter and in response to his post, I think the topic in general is worth posting about.  I hope the particular method I used did not make the whole thing seem confrontational, as this was not my intent:  I love Carter, I love playing in his game, I love 4e, I love Labyrinth Lord, I love D&D in general, and I love me some Mutant Future most of all.

Thanks Everone!



  1. Edition conflicts are sorta like arguing about religion and politics. People argue and in the end no one changes their mind. I have the 4th edition books, played 4th edition several times with new and very experienced DMs, even got me one of those loving Forgotten Realms cards, but 4th edition is no my edition of choice. Just my preference. The cool thing is we don't have to pick just one, we can like them all or none of them. Glad you spoke up.


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