Thursday, February 4, 2010

Awesome Hill Orc Illustration - thanks Eli!

A great illustration of blogging synergy:  I recently posted a snippet of my old 3.5 campaign as part of my ongoing Orcish Lowlands series - the Hill Orc. This post has since inspired my friend (and Labyrinth Lord of the kick-ass Labyrinth Lord game that I am a player in) Carter (of "Carter's Cartopia") to stat up Hill Orcs for Labyrinth Lord.  His post, in turn, led Eli Arndt (of "I See Lead People", back to my original post.  He was inspired by the Hill Orcs and drew a kick ass illustration of one!  As anyone who has run into a Hill Orc would know, they wear floppy wide-brimmed hats and striped kilts and fight with wicked polearms.  Eli has captured this perfectly:

As my original illustration was of the "for the DM's eyes only" variety that I often whip out in a few seconds to remind myself of key points at a glance, I am very glad to have this much more detailed illustration of my concept.

Thanks Eli!

And thanks to Carter as well, for the Labyrinth Lord stats and the link back to my original post!

Ain't this blogging thing grand?


  1. Glad you like it. I actually came to your post first and then found Carter's but who's counting.

    I love the network that blogging provides. My own blog has helped and inspired others who have done the same for me and others. It is a great thing.


  2. @Carl: This sort of thing is my pleasure. I enjoy doing conversions of other people's stuff; the creator puts in most the legwork, then I, for the price of a few educated guesstimates, get a new creature to hork for my own game. Thanks for posting about these great creatures in the first place, and don't be surprised if you meet some if you venture into northern Ara!

    @Eli: AWESOME drawing!!

  3. Nice artwork! I think it's really cool how the bloggin networks build, evolve and grow!

  4. Gah! I just realized I forgot to draw the left arm!


  5. yeah, I noticed that... still awesome though!

    Really, that is just more inspiration.

    Hill Orc shamans have a new spell:

    The Invisible Arm of Baxgog

    This spell renders the left arm of a warrior invisible. While invisible, the arm can extend up to three times its original length. If used to hold a shield, the shield provides one additional point of AC and can provide an AC bonus even against attacks from behind. If used to grapple, choke or wield a weapon, the invisible arm grants +2 to hit and damage and leaves a green handprint behind, the symbol of Baxgog.

  6. LOL! I could always finish the picture and repost it but then all the links would change.


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