Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mice in Mech Suits update

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the 1st beta version of the Mice in Mech Suits rules.  Over 40 of you have done so already!  Download them now if you have not done so yet.  If you have downloaded the rules and looked them over, please give me feedback even if it is telling me how much the rules suck.  If you can be specific about what particular part of the rules suck, negative feedback is probably even more helpful than positive feedback so don't hold back to spare my feelings!  I am completely reworking them, but your feedback can help me refine what areas of the rules I focus the most on in this rewrite.

I am working on a revised set of rules with its own unique mechanic revolving around d30's.  Recently, you see, I have acquired a bunch of d30's.  While it is pretty cool being able to give each player in my games their own d30 to use for their once a session d30 roll, I have been itching to come up with more ways to use the dice.
I should have a new d30 version of the Mice in Mech Suit rules ready in a week or two, then I will upload another Beta Playtest.  I will also post a simple conversion to use these rules with d20's instead of d30's.  The new rules are pretty different, featuring an attack resolution system that combines attack and damage rolls into one d30 roll opposed by a defenders roll.  The number of d30 that can be rolled per round for attack and defense are determined in mech creation.  One interesting thing about the new system is that the amount of defense dice remaining = remaining movement, so unused defense dice can be converted into movement and a mech that rolls all of its defense dice cannot move at all unless it received a bonus to movement in mech creation.  Actions occur more or less simultaneously in a round, so the initiative rules have been changed dramatically.  These rules will no longer create mechs that are directly portable into a D&D setting, although I will provide conversion rules.

More on this later!  Now I am going to finish packing for a business trip that will take me away from my blogging duties for a week.  See you on the flip side!


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